Advance Selected Academic Programs

Goal: $10 million

Saint Mary’s students pursue degrees in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) at higher rates than women at other colleges and universities. And the College’s reputation for excellence in nursing and science is growing rapidly.

To continue to set the standard in these fields, maintain optimal student-faculty ratios, and create more opportunities for women to excel, the College seeks to endow the Department of Nursing and create a new endowed Center for Women in Interdisciplinary Science and Math.


Endowment for the department will advance the nationally accredited nursing program by:

  • Upgrading equipment and technology
  • Supporting faculty compensation to recruit and retain talented, doctoral-prepared professors
  • Enhancing ongoing faculty professional development
  • Preparing to develop a doctor of nursing practice (DNP) program that will equip students with advanced clinical and leadership skills


Center for Women in Interdisciplinary Science and Math

The Center for Women in Interdisciplinary Science and Math will create a place, both physical and intellectual, where the next generation of women scientists, mathematicians, and engineers discover their distinct potential. The Center will:

  • Develop innovative curricula that draw from multiple fields
  • Support student research with up-to-date equipment and software
  • Pursue outreach opportunities and partnerships including workshops for high school students and teachers that also create opportunities for Saint Mary’s students

In 2010–11, 9.6 percent of all bachelor’s degrees awarded to women nationally were in STEM fields. At Saint Mary’s, 14.2 percent of degrees awarded that year were in STEM.