Our Endowment

Our endowment is the foundation for Saint Mary’s excellence across generations.  Endowed funds are permanent resources that generate perennial funding for Saint Mary’s students, faculty, staff and programs.

The endowment is the most powerful, lasting way to invest in the people, programs and places that make Saint Mary’s great.  Because endowed funds are invested for the long term and never depleted, their impact on the College never ends.  In 25, 50 and 100 years, today’s endowed funds will still be providing vital support for Saint Mary’s.

Faith Always, Action Now represents the greatest effort in Saint Mary’s history to build the College’s endowment.  More than half of the campaign—over $40 million—will benefit the endowment.

This will include:

These new investments have the power to change the future of Saint Mary’s College—opening doors to more young women, supporting faculty and programs, and ensuring that Saint Mary’s remains accessible and sustainable for generations to come.